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Principles of medical ethics in e-health services

Asieh Darvish, Hashem Nikomaram



Attention to the information quality compliance with legal issues and medical ethics is one of the most important factors for people trust and motivation to use e-health services beneficially. This study reviews the e-health ethics and the principles of medical ethics. Results showed that the e-health ethics principles and the quality criteria of e-health website such as authenticity, confidentiality, data updates, accountability, accessibility, and efficiency are based on principles and values of medical ethics. But the challenges for the Web features such as increased access and development of communication can be seen on issues such as privacy, security and justice in the distribution of services. It is proposed to improve alignment with the principles of online health services with medical ethics by considering four aspects: improving knowledge of ethics guidelines, encouragement, evaluation and providing legislation and laws with the management supervision.


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