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Study awareness and attitude volume of personnel of treatment and health services providing centers of Kerman University of Medical Sciences concerning telemedicine

Seyed Mojtaba Mir Hosseini, Dina Ziadlou, Nasim Nasiri, Amin Sayerinia



By incidence of modern technologies in different areas such as medicine which has been recognized as Telemedicine. This technology can play important role in increases quality level of medical services and health treatments. For successful increase of implementation and development of this technology in Iran needs to provide cultural, legal, political, social and technological atmosphere. Therefore assessing awareness volume of people and their attitude toward telemedicine can be an important factor in accepting this technology which indicated in this research. This research was done in 2011 with sectional and descriptive study on 276 persons from employees of 30 centers which provide health and treatment services at Kerman University of Medical Sciences and Staff of Kerman University of Medical Sciences with random and questionnaire method including 3 sections, demographic specifications, awareness level assessment and attitude. Awareness on telemedicine, patients consultations, promoting educational services, nursing services and treatment from patient and studying attitude volume of questioned people on cultural impact of technology, decision making and medical diagnosis , fair distribution of health services providing in deprived areas, reducing financial costs of patients, preventing from unnecessary travels, reducing medical errors, improving and increasing quality of services based one extracted replies from completed questioners with SPSS software aid.


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