The 100 Most Highly Cited Articles Published in the Telemedicine Journals

Sadrieh Hajesmaeel-Gohari, Kambiz Bahaadinbeigy Bahaadinbeigy



Introduction: Identifying highly cited articles helps researchers find the most important areas, effective authors in the field, pioneer countries and frequently used journals. This study aimed to review the 100 most highly cited articles published in telemedicine journals.

Material and Methods: The list of the telemedicine journals was found by searching the “master journal list” of the Web of Science database. Then, the name of each journal was searched separately in the “Publication Name” section of the same database and the results were sorted based on the “times cited” order. The first 100 articles that received the most citations were selected. The journal name, study type and study field were extracted from the final articles.

Results: The top 100 highly cited articles were published in the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare (n=54, 53.5%), Telemedicine and e-Health (n=45, 44.5%) and International Journal of Telemedicine and Applications (n=2, 2%). Most of the highly cited articles were review studies (n=55, 54%) and almost one-third of the reviewed articles were conducted on general telemedicine (n=28, 28%).

Conclusion: This study revealed that some characteristics such as review studies, studies on general telemedicine, and studies being published in the oldest telemedicine journals were more likely used and cited.


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