Iranian Association of Medical InformaticsFrontiers in Health Informatics2676-710411120220213Intelligent System for Detecting Tooth Decay in OPG Images by Image Processing35835810.30699/fhi.v11i1.358ENSanazRoohparvarDepartment of Computer Engineering, Shandiz Institute of Higher Education, Mashhad,. sanaz_rhp@yahoo.comAhmad RezaMohammadi Samani2022012420220209Introduction: Dental caries and lesions are one of the most common dental diseases worldwide, affecting a high percentage of the world's population. Research has shown that more than 90% of adults have experienced tooth decay, so early detection of dental lesions in the early stages is a major aspect of maintaining dental health.Materials and Methods: In order to diagnose decayed teeth, first, the difference between decayed teeth and healthy teeth was discussed. By first calling the OPG images and removing the inappropriate margins of the image. Then the gray-scale image was converted to binary and after removing the noise, thresholding was performed. Then we found the location of the white spots in the black image and displayed the processed image on the user interface.Results: Computer image processing systems have been developed to be able to process and analyze images with better speed and accuracy. The proposed system has a good performance in diagnosing dental caries and the results show that the proposed system is reliable and optimal and as a clinical decision support system can help dentists in accurate and early diagnosis of dental caries at the initial level of caries.Conclusion: In this article, using the advancement of technology that has been formed in recent years, we were able to provide a solution to facilitate medical science. With the science of image processing, eye errors that may cause problems during the diagnosis and recording of the disease in the process of recovery are significantly reduced.


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