Iranian Association of Medical InformaticsFrontiers in Health Informatics2676-710411120220108Evaluating the Performance of the SIB System of Health Centers in Bojnourd and Neishabour from the Users Perspective in 202033333310.30699/fhi.v11i1.333ENGholamrezaMoradiPhD in Health Information management, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Information Technology, Varastegan Institute for Medical Sciences, Mashhad,. fateme.moghbeli@gmail.comShadiGholizadeReyhanehRostamiFatemeMoghbeli2021092020210920Introduction: Nurses and medical staff and health technologists as the largest segment of the health system are the main users of health information systems that understanding the perspective and how to use this system can be effective in improving the quality of community health. The aim of this study was to evaluate the performance of the Sib system of health centers in Bojnourd and Neishabour.Method: This is an applied study and was performed by descriptive cross-sectional method. The study population included all users of the Sib system in the health centers of Bojnourd and Neishabour who used the Sib system. Sampling was available and data were collected using a researcher-made questionnaire and data were analyzed using SPSS software version 21.Results: According to the findings of the study, the majority of users were 70% female and 30% male, 58% were in the age group of 30-39 years, and 40% of them had 5-9 years of work experience and also 63% of System users have a bachelor's degree. In the technical field, from the point of view of 40% of users, the ease of using the system is moderate.Conclusion: Based on the identified factors, by strengthening the advantages of the system and also trying to eliminate or reduce the shortcomings in it, it is possible to institutionalize and use the system more practically in order to solve health problems.


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