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Iranian Association of Medical InformaticsFrontiers in Health Informatics2676-710410120210913Diagnostic Point-of-Care Tests with an Approach to Data Management32232210.30699/fhi.v10i1.322ENFarkhondehAsadiAssociate Professor, Department of Health Information Technology and Management, School of Allied Medical Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran,. r.rabiei@sbmu.ac.irHamidMoghaddasiMahrokhAnvariRezaRabiei202108032021090120210815Introduction: Diagnostic point- of- care (POC) tests are considered as an approach to ease the diagnosis of diseases, deliver quicker patient care, and improve patient safety. The aim of this study was to review the diagnostic POC tests with an approach to data management.Material and Methods: In this review study, PubMed, Science Direct, Google Scholar, Scopus, and Wolters Kluwer databases were searched from 2000 to 2020 using a combination of related keywords. A total of 96 articles were retrieved of which 48 articles considered as relevant.  The content of these articles were then analyzed with respect to the aim of the study. The inclusion criteria for the articles were: 1) they focused the POC test; 2) addressed data management aspects; 3) written in English.  Articles that only addressed the POC tests from a clinical or technical perspective and with no indication of data management were excluded.Results: Rapid and timely collection and processing of test results, the capability of exchanging test results, and capabilities such as documentation and data quality control play a significant role in reducing the average length of stay in hospital, planning, decision-making, organizing, controlling clinical and managerial activities, and achieving the efficiency of services provided.Conclusion: In addition to applying diagnostic POC tests technologies, medical settings should have necessary approaches for managing data generated by these technologies to improve better use of data in service delivery.


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