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Current Status of Prosthetic and Orthotic Rehabilitation Services in India: Its Issues and Challenges

Akshay Kumar, . Vinita



Introduction: The study purpose is to identify the issues and challenges of the Prosthetic and Orthotic (P&O) rehabilitation services in India

Material and Methods: The online search strategy included electronic search engine databases: Google Scholar, PubMed, Google, and Medline along with websites search of world Health Organisation, Government of India relevant Ministries, and Rehabilitation Council of India. All relevant articles were included and included in the present study.

Results: In the future, the population growth, older population, increased risk of accidents and other complications may result in more prosthetic and orthotic service demand. To improve their access to the environment and income prosthetic and orthotic rehabilitation needs to be endorsed at the grassroots level. Health care expenses can be reduced through better Prosthetic and Orthotic rehabilitation services. and the user's quality of life may enhance through improved movement.

Conclusion: Policymakers and the leaders of health, rehabilitation, and social care providers should facilitate access to appropriate prosthetic and orthotic technology that provides functional and economic independence. As functioning prosthetic and orthotic device will promote social acceptance to the physically challenged and improve their quality of life, satisfaction, education, and job opportunities.


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