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Outbreak of Coronavirus in Iran Compared to Countries with the Highest Incidence

Elham Nazari, Hamed Tabesh



Introduction: The coronavirus outbreak has become a serious issue of the entire world. In some ways, the ability to provide outbreak rate prediction is helpful. Therefore the main purpose of this study is to investigate the incidence pattern of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Iran, and comparison between countries with high infected person such as USA, Brazil and others.

Materials and Methods: 7801401 infected cases with COVID 19 related countries with highest infection, USA, Brazil, India, Russia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Spain, UK, South Africa, Iran and Pakistan  in 17 weeks timespan was extracted from the Daily New Cases chart at  https://www.worldmeters. Info/coronavirus/. Also, the incidence rate pattern was presented. The frequency distribution charts used to compare countries.

Results: In Iran, from the interval of first week to the end of fifth week after observing the 100th case of infection, the trend of identifying patients was upward, and after that, it showed a decreasing tendency until the end of the 10th week.  However, it seems that from the 10th to the 12th week, the trend has been increasing and after that it has been almost constant. In countries such as South Africa, India, and Brazil, however, this trend has roughly always been ascending during this period, and in other countries it has been fluctuated.

Conclusion: The Covid-19 has become pandemic disease. Finding similar incidence rate with other countries aimed for applying appropriate intervention is helpful.


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