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Gostaresh Afzar HamaraFrontiers in Health Informatics2676-71049120200503Technical Requirement of Clinical Decision Support system for Diabetic Patientse31e3110.30699/fhi.v9i1.217ENShamimKiyaniShiraz University of Medical Sciences. shamimkiyani0@gmail.comSanazAbasiZahraKoohjaniAzamAslani202003302020042520200417Introduction: Diabetes is a public health problem which is originating an increment in the demand for health services. There is an obvious gap exists between actual clinical practice and optimal patient care, Clinical decision support systems (CDSSs) have been promoted as a promising approach that targets safe and effective diabetes management. The purpose of this article is reviewing diabetes decision support systems based on system design metrics, type and purpose of decision support systems. Materials and Methods: The literature search was performed in peer reviewed journals indexed in PubMed by keywords such as medical decision making, clinical decision support systems, Reminder systems, diabetes, interface, interaction, information to 2019. This article review the diabetes decision support systems based on system design metrics (interface, interaction, and information), type and purpose of decision support system. Results: 32 of the 35 articles were decision support systems that provided specific warnings, reminders, a set of physician guidelines, or other recommendations for direct action. The most important decisions of the systems were support for blood glucose control and insulin dose adjustment, as well as 13 warning and reminder articles. Of the 35 articles, there were 21 user interface items (such as simplicity, readability, font sizes and ect), 23 interaction items (such as Fit, use selection tools, facilitate ease of use and ect. ) and 31 item information items (such as Content guidance, diagnostic support and concise and ect ).Discussion: This study identified important aspects of designing decision support system, It can be applied not only to diabetic patients but also to other decision support systems.Conclusion: Most decision support systems take into account a number of design criteria; system designers can look at design aspects to improve the efficiency of these systems. Decision support system evaluation models can also be added to the factors under consideration.


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