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Gostaresh Afzar HamaraFrontiers in Health Informatics2676-71049120200321Designing a Mobile-Based Self-Care Application for Patients with Cutaneous Leishmaniasis: An Effective Step in Patients’ Self-Care and Participatione29e2910.30699/fhi.v9i1.210ENKhadijeNadriDepartment of Health Information Management, Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran. hhsajedi@ut.ac.irHediehSajediAminSayahiLeilaShahmoradi2019112620200315Introduction: Today, the introduction of smartphones into the healthcare field has led to rapid growth in application development; provided many important tasks such as maintaining health and access to information, communications and counseling, referral and data collection, management and supervision of patients; and facilitated patient self-care and participation.Material and Methods: In order to design a mobile-based self-care application, the designing purpose was first defined and then related literature was reviewed and different kinds of software designed in this field were identified. Using the specified information elements, UML diagrams (Use-Case, Sequence, and Activity) were plotted by Visual Paradigm Enterprise 8 software.In fact, a feasibility assessment was carried out, based on which the application prototype was developed and provided to 10 patients to achieve their opinions. In the next step, the final application components were determined based on user feedback and experts approval. In the final step, Quiz Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire v.7.0 was used to assess users' satisfaction.Results: Based on user questions and answers, and answers available in the database, the application offers appropriate therapies that emphasize the presence of patients in health centers.Conclusion: The presented application helps with providing rapid information and awareness about different aspects of the disease.


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