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Design the Conceptual Model of Teleconsultation System for Dental Diseases

Fateme Moghbeli, Mostafa Langarizadeh, Yashil Ahadi Moghadam, Susan Hasanpour Heidari



Introduction: Worldwide, people living in rural and remote area with the lack of access to medical care are vulnerable. Despite of improvement in dentistry, dental caries is still one of the prevalent problems among people. By using tele-dentistry and transforming electronic patient information, dental services can be delivered specially in remote area so leads to improve public dental health.

Methods: This is an applied development study and 24 dentists and dental radiologists were participated in this survey. The questionnaire was filled out by participant to obtain information about requirement for designing the conceptual model for teleconsultation system for dental problems. Collected data was analyzed by descriptive statics with SPSS version 22 software.

Results: According to results patient name and last name, gender, emergency level, sign of the problem, patient history in patient demographic and clinical information section and in system capabilities section, dedicate the space for dentist to diagnosis and the space for seeing diagnosis report by patient was the 100 percent requirement considered. After requirement analysis conceptual model as use case diagram was designed.

Conclusion: According to results, using tele-dentistry can improve relationship between specialists and patients without considering the distance and eventually improve public oral health in society.


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