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New Method of Points Detection in Farsi Handwriting for Psychological Analysis based on Handwriting

Fatemeh Rezaie, Mohsen Shahmohammadi, Mohammad Alimoradi, Ali Reza Agha Yousefi



Handwriting is used by analyzers to detect personality of an individual, but this task is time consuming and expensive. Therefore computer aided techniques can be used. The science of study and analysis of human personality based on his handwriting is named graphology. In addition, any handwriting has many features. This paper in order to graphology analyses is focused on the points detection in Farsi handwriting.According to the basic features of handwriting image such as pen width, size of words and base line, we propose three methods to detect points: detecting based on the area values, detecting based on the location of points or combination of these two properties. Proposed methods tested on various Farsi handwriting images. Results show third method which is based on the area of points and the location of points is more accurate than other methods .


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