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Evaluate the Performance of Ontology Alignment by Providing a Novel Machine Learning Technique

Foruzan Amiri Davani, Bita Shadgar, Alireza Osareh



Wide Web as one of the greatest achievements of technology, the economy, and more substantially influenced modern societies. ¬ The present situation is not satisfactory because many of the essential tasks of daily living are not supported by automated tools. Most of today's Web content designed for human use, while ¬ machines are only capable peers and manipulates data in the dictionary. In this regard, the concept of the Semantic Web has been proposed that the data be ¬ computers is incomprehensible. Help ontology semantic technologies such as machine can understand and be smart. Powerful tool to show and express knowledge in a specific domain ontology, the format is informal and can be processed by machines. Following this finding correspondences between ontology entities using machine learning techniques. This similarity indices calculated at various levels of the ontology pairs, then sets of data alignment is to classify products .


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