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Gostaresh Afzar HamaraIranian Journal of Medical Informatics2322-35968120190422Evaluation of Nursing Information Systems Using the HIS-Monitor Instrument: Nurses Perspectivese9e910.30699/ijmi.v8i1.178ENMaryamGholamiSchool of Management and Medical Informatics, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences. damanabish@tbzmed.ac.irShahlaDamanabiPeymanRezaei HachesuFatemehSadeghi Ghyassi2019021420190408Introduction: Nurses are one of the largest providers of health and treatment services in the healthcare setting. A well-designed information system is one of the necessities for nurses.For this purpose, a proper evaluation of available systems is needed. The aim of this study to evaluate nurses’ perspectives on nursing information systems in hospitals of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences.Methods: This is a cross-sectional study. Two hundred and seventy-five nurses participated in this study. The evaluation instrument was HIS-monitor and 41 specific questions that were related to nurses in four criteria were selected. The validity of the questionnaires was confirmed by experts and the reliability of the instrument was calculated byCronbach Alpha (α =0.88). Data were analyzed by SPSS Statistics version 16 using descriptive and analytic statistics.Results: 50.8% stated that the studied NIS supports nursing admission process well or very well and 47.7% believed that these NISs improve access to patient-related information and documentation of nursing care (48.1%) .25% evaluated the function of NIS in the nursing care plan poor or very poor.Conclusion: According to the results, the status of nursing information systems is approximately acceptable and more attention is needed in designing and manufacturing hospital software.


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