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Hospital Management Based On Semantic Process Mining: A Systematic Review

Majid Jangi, Fateme Moghbeli, Mahya Ghaffari, Alireza Vahedinemani



Introduction: Semantic Process Mining is the extension field of process mining that is based on getting knowledge of conceptual event logs (based on ontologies) for analyzing frequent and rare processes. In the healthcare studies, semantic process mining has been used in different hospitals in order to improve processes.

Material and Methods: A review of the usages of semantic process mining in hospitals is done. This review contains 65 articles from PubMed, dblp and Google scholar. It is searched from 2000 to 2017. One of them was duplicated and finally, we received 64 articles. Data were extracted according to PRISMA guidelines.

Results: Out of 64 articles, 6 of them were related with inclusion and exclusion criteria. Most of them detect business process mining. In 80% of studies, the semantic process mining was useful and effective to improve hospital processes and improve its management.

Conclusion: This review can show an overview the application of process mining in hospitals. It can help researchers to compare semantic process mining with other methods for improving processes in hospitals and finally, it shows the use of semantic process mining to enhance hospitals processes.


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30699/fhi.v8i1.171


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