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Radio over Ethernet (RoE), architecture and design considerations

Mohammad Javad Sayadi, Juan Sebastián Rodríguez Páez



Introduction: the evolving mobile networks are envisioned to have a flexible and reliable network to meet all design requirements needed for the fifth generation (5G) of networks. The cloud radio access network, as an evolution in mobile networks, changes the traditional architecture of the network by moving the BBUs to the central office. This comes with new challenges that are addressed by new technologies like Radio over Fiber and now Radio over Ethernet, which proposes a technique to transmit all radio data types over a traditional Ethernet based front-haul network. In this paper, we focus on the architecture and the design considerations of Radio-over-Ethernet to have a more flexible and reliable front-haul network in Centralized Radio Access Network.

Material and method: In this paper we tried to use Ethernet protocol as a universal and public network protocol in radio based networks to make it flexible and reliable. This combination allows us to focus only on the access points and propose a new architecture to encapsulation (retrieve) radio data into (from) an Ethernet frame.

Result: This study resulted in a new architecture for radio access networks to disseminate radio data over a reliable network protocol and infrastructure. Some Ethernet header fields was modified and a mapper was included into the model in BBUs to create an adaption between radio and Ethernet infrastructures.

Conclusion: The result shows that although this new architecture may apply additional overhead in both information and process, but having an independent front-haul network is a necessity for Centralized Radio Access Network. However if industry implements this architecture and its processes regarding latency requirement, Radio over Ethernet will be a revolution in Centralized Radio Access Network to meet two main key design principles in 5G.


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