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Iranian Journal of Medical Informatics2322-35967020181104Comparative Study of Data Elements and Data Analysis Methods in Myocardial Infarction Registry in Selected Countries and Irane5e5FR;HamidrezaTadayon. tadayonh1@nums.ac.irMasoumehSadeghiSakinehSaghaeiannejad IsfahaniMahmoudKeyvanaraMonirehSadeqi Jabali201808152018100520180922Introduction: Cardiovascular diseases have high morbidity and mortality rate. Disease registry system is a clinical information system designed and implemented for patient information management and one of the essential steps in its implementation is the analysis of collected data. Since the basis of data collection in each data registry system is data element, this research was conducted to compare data elements and data analysis in myocardial infarction registry system in selected countries and Iran.Material and Methods: This research was applied in a comparative way. The research community included the registry of myocardial infarction in the United States, Switzerland, Malaysia and Iran. The data collection method was to study the documentation and interview with the registry specialists and analyze the findings was done by drawing comparative tables.Results: Of the 26 extracted data elements, there were only 16 cases in Iran's registry system. In all registry systems, data elements were defined in the data dictionary in order to unify the definitions. Data analysis was done regularly in all three countries of the United States, Switzerland and Malaysia, but in Iran, data analysis was limited to the number of patients and the distribution of age and sex of patients.Conclusion: In this study, an overview of the data elements and the method of data analysis in the myocardial infarction registry system was presented that could be used in designing this registry system.


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