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Iranian Journal of Medical Informatics2322-35965020160415Guideline-based Decision Support Systems: Concepts, Technical Considerations and Challenges1015FRRezaSafdariTehran University of Medical Sciences. sepehri_rad@yahoo.comAsgharAghamohammadiMostafaLangarizadehFatemeSepehri2016011620160216Introduction: Guideline-based Decision Support Systems helps clinician to choose the best treatment in specific clinical situations. Since it is difficult for doctors to Remember all effective measures of diagnosis and the average visit time for each patient less than 20 minutes, so integrate guideline with clinical decision support system help doctors to choose the best course of treatment in the clinical setting.Material and Methods: This paper is a literature review and have implication to clinical guidelines concepts, guideline-based decision support system, challenges and technical considerations.Results:  The best and fastest approach to use of guideline is their integration with hospital information system or electronic health record. The development of these systems require careful design of clinical guidelines development, decision models, and reusable software components and appropriate computing infrastructures in the clinical environment. Currently, XML is the best choice for packaging data and information sharing, but there isn't a specific standard that fully provide interoperability with EHR.Conclusion: Ease of learning is one of the main issues in the guideline based EHR. Guideline must be designed that their use is simple so developers. Clinical guidelines integration with information systems and electronic medical records lead to increase adherence to clinical guidelines in health care, quality of care provided to patients, ensuring patient safety and reduce costs.


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